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Kudough guarantees to improve your financial health. We are determined to build your credit status through our digital tools, expert guidance, beneficial offers and savings.

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Knowing your credit status is essential to understanding how to best manage and build your financial wellness.


We help you improve your credit status and change your financial future, set and track personal financial goals, build your savings and manage your information.


Kudough has enabled its network of partners to bring you daily, weekly and monthly savings. We also have specials on debt consolidation and insurance.

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Every week our clients share stories of how, by allowing Kudough to guide them on their journey to financial wellness, their lives have been changed, getting out of debt, buying a first home or even having clear credit rating.

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I always told the Kudough Credit Coaches my goal is to purchase a house and they always told me to let them know when I am approved. Well I became a proud home owner last month with Kudough’s help.


Kudough has helped me tremendously to manage my credit profile on an ongoing basis and also to be able to check for any possible fraudulent activities using my details.


The call center is amazing, quick to answer calls. I did not have to stay on the line for so long. The report that I have received and a good advise from Kudough Team is amazing.

Do you need to fix something on your credit report?