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At Kudough, we help you solve the biggest problem many people face regarding their finances. How to make credit work for you?

So, our mission.

We connect you with your credit information. Then we guide you with data and practical steps, rewarding you as your financial well-being improves. Our business is not only about selling products or services. It is about providing you with financial peace-of-mind and security. A responsibility we take very seriously.

Our Credit Coaches are real people with their own families and responsibilities. They understand that your financial situation is part of a bigger context. So, Kudough will always treat you with respect, understanding and empathy, but we also need to be honest with you.

That’s why you can trust us.

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Every week our clients share stories of how, by allowing Kudough to guide them on their journey to financial wellness, their lives have been changed… getting out of debt, buying a first home or even having a clear credit rating.

We’d love to be part of your journey

Let us explain

What we do

Kudough provides services tailored around meeting your personal financial wellness needs. The gateway to financial well-being and positive financial growth is having a clear picture of your current financial and credit status. Armed with this knowledge you can start taking measured steps towards achieving your financial goals.


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Knowing your credit status and credit-worthiness is essential to understanding how best to manage and build your financial wellness. So, that’s where we start.

Your Credit Report and Credit Score is a reflection of your borrowing, spending habits and payment history.
This information is captured in your Kudough Credit Report, made up of information obtained from up to four leading credit bureaus. It is the most comprehensive and single most important source of information regarding your creditworthiness. Providing insightful and easy to understand information.

While one credit report will give you some initial insight into your credit and debt status, it may not be enough. A credit report from each of the four South African Credit Bureaus is the only way to see what the market sees when they make a credit decision on you.

Once you have a detailed view of your credit score and status, you can start making positive changes towards improving your score and building your creditworthiness.

Kudough's Financial Wellness Platform is the engine-room where all your data is automatically entered and then turned into actionable steps. Here you can see what you are strong in and what needs attention in areas such as debt utilization, affordability index an payment behaviours.

Kudough's Financial Wellness Platform helps you improve your credit status and change your financial future. Use the Kudough Dashboard for a quick personal credit overview, view data in real time on a monthly basis, set and track personal financial goals, build your savings and manage your personal information.

Positive growth in your credit status should be celebrated.

For this reason, Kudough has enabled its network of partners to bring you daily, weekly and on-going monthly savings.

Only Kudough Members have access to Kudough's extensive Partner Network. Enjoy special offers on early debt settlement and real savings on account payments while you enjoy discounts from top-end brands in Leisure & Travel, Sports Goods,Food & Beverages, Luxury Items, Specialist Services, Retail Offers and much more.

Let Kudough unlock savings for you now!

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