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Kudough follows POPI guidelines and only collect information required to fulfill our service requirements on the Financial Wellness Platform.

We will ask you to provide us with personal information to complete the registration and the with your consent we retrieve your credit information from the selected credit bureau and load that to the Financial Wellness Platform to get your financial wellness journey underway.



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We need your personal information during registration to create your profile and to draw your information for our Credit Bureau partners.

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Kudough takes your security and protection of personal information very seriously.

To ensure we ONLY show your information to you, we need to know who we are sending the information to.

The verification questions are provided by a leading credit bureau and ask questions only the true owner of the information should know.

Thereby protecting you and your information.

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The Identity Verification step ensures your personal information security. You can attempt Identity Verification twice every 24 hours. So if you failed today you can try again tomorrow.

Alternatively, you can contact the Kudough call centre who will take you through manual verification process.

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