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You will get to see your credit profile from a leading credit bureau in the Kudough platform.

See all the goal identified for you guaranteed to improve your credit status.

See how Kudough can save you money with products and services identified for you.

Navigate through our 350 Discount partners.

See if your credit status qualifies you for a loan.

Select from up to 4 bureaus to include on your journey to "Better Credit".


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To get the best 360 degree view of your credit status we recommend you include all 4 partner bureaus on your journey.

If still not sure, click on the bureaus tab in the bottom navigation or in the Your Report page and we will show you which credit bureaus you should select based on the accounts you have.

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Kudough is so confident that we will improve your credit status that we will give you all your subscription fees back if we don't.

As a subscriber to the Kudough Financial Wellness Platform, you will be set goals unique to improve your credit status. If you follow and complete those goals, but you do not improve your credit rating, Kudough will refund the Subscription Fees paid by you. 

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Besides the best credit status.

From as little as R25.00 per month you will get:

- Select 1-4 leading credit bureaus as part of your journey

- Status improvement goals

- Money back guarantee

- Personal credit coach

- Free tools and calculators

- Free legal assistance

- Loan offers 

- Free savings account

- 350 Discount partners

- Insurance benefits

- Alerts and Notifications

- Monthly news letter

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