Credit Scores Improved
Kudough Subscribers on average improve their Credit Scores by 22 points per year.
Judgements Reduced
Judgements and Defaults against Kudough Subscribers decreased by 34.7%
Debts Reduced
On average, Kudough Subscribers reduced their debts by 21% over the last year.

Building and improving your credit reputation is a process. To do it properly you need some guidance and encouragement along the way. Not only does Kudough help you build a bomb-proof credit reputation, we also do the heavy lifting so you can get the credit.

The low down on what you get:

Credit Reports from 4 Leading Bureaus

Kudough provides you with a comprehensive insight into your credit status, as seen by the top Credit Bureaus in the country.

Money Back Guarantee

As a subscriber, you will be able to set certain goals to improve your financial wellness. If you follow and complete those goals, but you do not improve your credit rating, Kudough will refund the Subscription Fees paid by you.

Insurance Benefits

Identity Theft Protection from as little and R20.00 per month

Discount Benefit Partners

As a Kudough Subscriber you have instant access to Kudough's national network of more than 350 partners, offering you hundreds of Rand's worth of savings daily.

Legal Assistance

Kudough gives you access to the best legal minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a subscriber you have unlimited telephone access to lawyers committed to assisting you.

Credit & Loan Offers

Kudough provides you the opportunity to get deals based on your credit profile and credit worthiness from credit providers selected for you.

Loan Calculators

From Home Loans to Personal Loans we provide you with a number of handy online loan calculators to work out the value of the loan you can afford.

FREE Savings Account

Through Kudough you can start building your financial future with a FREE savings account which can earn you up to 8% interest per year from as little a R1.00 per month.

Notifications & Alerts

Kudough keeps you in the loop. Receive pro-active notifications of changes on reports, progress on goals, savings, deals offered and other actions related to your journey.

Sign up now and start your journey to financial wellness with Kudough.